CGWE Core Values

We believe in partnerships and initiatives that support these key core values and beliefs:

  • Human dignity and equality
  • Gender sensitivity and equity
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Respect for communities’ culture
  • Commitment and persistence
  • Teamwork and collective decision-making
  • Compassion and servanthood
  • Excellence

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Current Partners

Columbus Rotary

Through Columbus Rotary's partnership with CGWE we have opened up new and enduring relationships with Rotarians in Ethiopia.  Through this relationship we are able to provide help and assistance to Oromia, Ethiopia.  We expanded from providing cows that provide the women of the area with a livelihood and empowerment to digging water wells that will benefit the entire area.  


Scott Brown
Executive Director

Kipp Elementary School

Dear Mimi, 

I hope this note finds you well this Sunday morning! 

I just had to take a moment to extend gratitude to you on behalf of our kids and team here at KIPP Columbus for taking time out of your day to share your powerful story with our kids this past Friday. 

Personally, I can say that I was moved to hear your story of struggle and triumph; it was clear that the kids felt the same way as I debriefed with them following our conversation. The ladies who heard your story made clear connections to our school values of perseverance and navigate in conjunction with your life story. 

Watching you embrace each of our young ladies at the end of the session truly warmed my heart and I want you to know that our young ladies walked away from that table knowing that no matter what obstacles stand in their way, with hard work and a commitment to their personal vision nothing will hold them back. Please know that you have an open invitation to return to KIPP Columbus any time you want because I know others would be moved to hear your story. Thanks for your commitment to make the world a better place. 

Cheers, Alex 


I met Mimi at work, and immediately sensed the heart she had for God, and the Oromia people in Ethiopia. When she asked me to pray about being on the board of the new ministry, CGWE, that was on her heart, I said that I would.  Many things were happening in my life and family at the time, and it was a struggle at first. Heartache and illness in the family consumed me.  I kept praying, and finally sensed it was time to say ‘yes’. As we met and began to prepare to GO, again life got in the way.  But, there came a point when I felt God say GO, and Mimi and I made preparations.  We travelled to Africa this past March, 2014 , and met with the organization we are partnering with, as well as meeting with many past beneficiaries to hear how the Debaree system had impacted their lives.  We travelled to our project area, and met with people there to plan further, and then eventually travelled to the countryside to carry out our mission.  I was SO blessed.  The people lived in SUCH poverty as I had never seen, but were so sweet and loving to us.  Mimi and I were able to share the gospel as well as impact their lives economically.  We are hearing that Bible studies are now happening, and people’s lives are being changed.  I can’t wait to GO again! 

Terri Kirk