Dureti "Mimi" Tadesse, Founder and President

Ms. Tadesse was born and raised in Oromia, Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, she experienced discrimination based on ethnic background and Christian belief. Oromians have been discriminated against in Ethiopia starting since they were forcefully occupied by Abyssinians in the late 1880s until today. She also experienced gender discrimination, dehumanization, imprisonment, torture, and marginalization against women. She was afforded the opportunity to change her life after I came to United States, where she witnessed the achievement of women and the opportunities that are open to women. This fueled her passion and dedication to make a difference in the lives of women in Oromia.

Mimi and her husband came to the United States in the early 1990s and applied for Political asylum. They were granted political asylum and eventually became naturalized citizens. For the first time in their lives, they experienced the true meaning of freedom. The freedom to dream and work to achieve our goal. The freedom of education, the freedom of expressing Christian religious beliefs, the freedom of voicing political beliefs, and the freedom of entrepreneurship. As a result, Mimi worked in several private sector jobs where she moved up the ladder to eventually supervisory positions and starting their own business.

Mimi also earned an Associate Degree in Certified Microsoft Systems Engineer (MCSE), and Business administration from Columbus State Community College, Columbus OH, and a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Franklin University, Columbus, OH. 

Together, Mimi and her husband have 20 years of non-profit experience facilitating the assimilation of immigrants from Oromia region of Ethiopia into American workforce and culture. She is familiar with national, state, and Columbus-area charity networks, and has worked with many, including Catholic Charities, International Friendship, Lower Light Ministries, Victory Mission, and the Columbus Mid-Ohio Food Bank. Mimi lead mission trips to Uganda and Oromia (Ethiopia) in 2012, and Uganda in 2011. Currently, she serves as a committee member for Human Trafficking awareness in New Life Church called “Eyes Wide Open.” 

In 2013, Mimi started Christian based non-profit “C.G. Women’s Empowerment (CGWE)” whose mission is to empower women in Oromia (Ethiopia) Africa.  In March 2014, we traveled to Oromia, Ethiopia and launched C.G. Women’s Empowerment (CGWE).

Shanna Huber

Ms. Huber is the owner of a case management company, Ripple Life Care Planning. They help seniors and their families navigate the complex healthcare field in order to maximize independence, quality of life, and improve health while saving money by making cost of care transparent.

Shanna has been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years with a master’s degree in nursing, she is a certified case manager, and certified life care planner. She has a passion for helping empower women around the globe, and the work of CGWE.

Dr. Negero Djaleta

Born and reared in Gimbie, West Oromia where he did his primary and junior secondary education. He complete his senior high and junior college at the Ethiopian Adventist College. He traveleld to Norway in 1973 where he worked for the Norwegian Publishing Company and sold Christian literature from door to door every summer in order to pursue his education in England; Beirut, Lebanon and the Philippines.

He holds a BA in History with Theology and Education as minors and an MA in Pastoral Theology at the Seventh Day Adventist Theological Seminary in the Philippines. He also attended the University of the Philippines where he earned another Master and Doctoral Degree in Educational Administration. After his graduation, he returned to Ethiopia and served as a principal of Akaki Mission School for seven years where he provided a successful educational leadership. He fled the country of his orini to seek political asylum in the united States in 1992.

In the United States, he pursued a two year post graduate training program in Clinical Pastoral Education and worked as a chaplain for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction where he touched the lives of hundreds of inmates to make a positive change in preparation for release back to their communities to become productive and law abiding citizens. 

Daniel Daffa

Mr. Daffa has been a transportation business owner for over 21 years. He got his Masters Degree in Conflict Analysis and Engagement from Antioch University Mid West.  And also certified in Microsoft System Engineer (MCSE), presently he is owner of Danny’s Car service.  Danny’s Car Service provides service to its costumers with superior customer service skill and a quality ride in a luxury vehicle from/to the Columbus Airport, Residence and Hotels. It also service central Ohio and Columbus surrounding communities.

He is a member of Oromo community in Columbus Ohio and has passion to help the oppressed people around the world.  He has over 19 years nonprofit/volunteer work experience facilitating the assimilation of immigrants from Oromia region of Ethiopia into American workforce and culture. Currently, he is a board advisor for the Oromo community of Columbus Ohio.

Daniel was in prison for more than 10 year by the (Durge) Ethiopian Communist Regime in the 1980th and 1990th for opposing the heinous crime committed by the government against his people. He was a fourth year political science student at Addis Ababa University Ethiopia when he went to prison.  He is co-founder of CGWE and active member. 

Terri Kirk

Ms. Kirk is the Office Administrator/Bookkeeper for New Life Church in Gahanna, Ohio where she has worked for 17 years. 

God and Family are important to her above all, and she has a heart for women and children in impoverished areas, and especially the Oromian people.  She is passionate about seeing the Gospel spread throughout the world!

Nancy Jameson

Ms. Jameson was born in WV, USA, reared in South Point, OH. She received a BA in Elementary Education from Marshall University, Huntington, WV, and MA in Elementary Education from Morehead State University, Morehead, KY 

Nancy was an elementary teacher for 18 years and retired in 2010. She now works as a volunteer for Elizabeth's Hope Pregnancy Resource Center, and with Kairos Prison Ministry International. She is passionate about working with the Oromia community through CGWE.

Rebecca Wiggins

Ms. Wiggins currently serves as Executive Director of AFCPE® (Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education®). She holds a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in Family Financial Planning. During her tenure at AFCPE, she has worked in a variety of capacities, including Director of Certification and Grant Programs Coordinator. Previously, Rebecca worked in nonprofit arts management for several symphony and chamber music groups.

She is deeply committed to social and economic justice, and being part of positively impacting the lives of women in Oromia, Ethiopia.