I was born and raised in Oromia, Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, I experienced discrimination based on my ethnic background and Christian belief. I am Oromo, and Oromos are discriminated in Ethiopia starting since they were forcefully occupied by Abyssinians in the late 1880s till today. As a women, I also experienced first-hand gender discrimination, dehumanization, imprisonment, torture and marginalization against women. I was afforded the opportunity to change my life after I came to United States, where I witnessed the achievement of women and the opportunities that are open to women. This has only fueled my passion and dedication to make a difference in the lives of women in Oromia-- my place of birth.

My husband and I came to United States in the early 1990s and applied for Political asylum. We were granted political asylum and eventually became naturalized citizens. My husband and I lived in Dallas, Texas. This opened opportunity that we never experienced before. For the first time in our lives, my husband and I experienced the true meaning of freedom. The freedom to dream and work to achieve our goal. The freedom to education, the freedom to expressing our Christian religious believes, the freedom to voicing our political beliefs, and the freedom to entrepreneurship. I took advantage of what this country afforded me. I worked in several private sector jobs where I started at the bottom and moved up the ladder to eventually supervisory positions both in Dallas and after I moved to Columbus, Ohio. My husband and I also started a few family businesses, and we are still at it.

I was able to educate myself while working. I am a computer Certified Microsoft Systems Engineer (MCSE). I also have associate degree in Business administration from Columbus State Community College, Columbus OH, and a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Franklin University, Columbus, OH. Currently, I'm working for Danny’s Car Service

My husband and I have over 19 years nonprofit/volunteer work experience facilitating the assimilation of immigrants from Oromia region of Ethiopia into American workforce and culture. I am familiar with national, state, and Columbus-area charity networks, and worked with some including Catholic Charities USA, International Friendship INC, Lower Light Ministries, Victory Mission, and the Columbus Mid-Ohio Food Bank. I went on Mission trip to Uganda and Oromia (Ethiopia) from June 26 to August 10, 2012 and Mission trip to Uganda March 31, 2011 to April 14, 2011 with New Life Church Gahanna leadership team. Currently, I am a committee member for Human Trafficking awareness in New Life Church called “Eyes Wide Open.” 

In 2013, I started Christian based Nonprofit Organization called “C.G. Women’s Empowerment (CGWE)” whose mission is to empower women in Oromia (Ethiopia) Africa.  In March 2014, we travelled to Oromia, Ethiopia and launched C.G. Women’s Empowerment (CGWE).


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